Posted by Tony Wallace on Jul 21, 2016
2016-17 Club President Tony Wallace  
                  Welcome Address
As we launch into the 2016-2017 year we will be challenged by many unsettling local, state, federal and international events and cultural/sociopolitical concerns.  In the midst of all this, Rotary can be a bright light, a shining beacon of good will, humanitarian effort and just plain fun.  Lord knows we all need some of all of that!  That is why I am looking forward to this next year where we can spend time, money and effort reaching out to one another and the world around us.
Thanks to all of you ahead of time for your willingness to give.  I am forever impressed by this club and the individuals in it who collectively walk forward hand in hand to eat together, laugh together and work together to accomplish much in little old Paso Robles.  More money for scholarships, youth projects, community projects, food for the needy and international projects to address polio, hunger, education, clean water.  Wow!  You guys are awesome.  So hold on to your horses as we start, run, and finish a great year.  I hope I can keep up!